Turnaround & Recovery

One of our specialities is business rescue.

Together with our partner organisations, we have been assisting distressed SMEs for nearly 20 years, helping them to cope with crisis. Over the years we have seen most things and we are not surprised at the emotional pressure insolvency can inflict, and the way in which it can lead to paralysis.

Sadly, many companies die because the directors FAIL TO ACT soon enough.

Our team has extensive knowledge of all the possible options open to a distressed business, and we have a reputation for delivering innovative solutions that enable businesses to realise maximum value for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We will work at board level with directors, investors, lenders, shareholders, professional bodies and institutions, to achieve best possible outcomes. Sometimes this will require a formal procedure, but often such solutions can be achieved without a formal insolvency procedure being used.

If we start our work early enough, it is often possible to restructure and reorganise debts by consensual negotiation coupled with an injection of alternative forms of finance or the sale of assets. If this “diet and exercise” approach doesn’t work then we can move to the surgery stage of CVA, administration, or to the closure of the company through liquidation.

After any initial meeting we will produce a full written report setting out the options and our recommended strategy. No fees are involved until we are formerly and subsequently appointed to act for the company.

  • Are we Insolvent?
  • What is a CVA?
  • What does 'Administration' mean?
  • What is a pre-Pack Administration?
  • Dealing with HMRC

If you are a worried director, or a professional advisor to a distressed company, call us on 07738 965280

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