our services

Our Services

On our home page, we say that, at Worcester Black, we provide help and support to businesses and business people.

How, why and what?

Well, with regard to the how, we start by meeting with, and listening to you.

All of us have been in senior management positions, we’ve worked globally, and have from time to time engaged with consultants, advisors, mentors and coaches; we have a sense of what’s beneficial, and what’s not. However, we have also worked as consultants and project and interim managers as well, so we’ve seen it from that perspective too, so we know how, and where, to add value.

Having listened, we then work together consider the need, we review, then, if we think we can help, we will propose a way of working together.

We can draw on any number of experienced and highly skilled people from all walks of business life to help. Each project is ‘bespoke’, so once we have a sense of what is needed, we can decide how best to offer a solution.

As for the Why, that’s easier. We all still need to make a living, and we enjoy this stuff!

And the what, well, please read on...