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Marketing & PR

Some of us have worked in senior marketing roles for a variety of businesses in a number of different industry sectors, this includes b2b and b2c, in the UK, Europe and the US. We are experienced in analysing markets, competitors, products and brands. We have designed and successfully implemented marketing strategies, plans and tactics, and have managed internal and external marketing teams. We can help you to build and implement plans, product launches and strategic brand reviews.

Strategic Marketing
Brand Image
Corporate Communications
Public Relations

Strategic Marketing

Marketing strategy combines product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, customer relationship management and several other elements which combine to identify a firm's marketing goals, and explains how they will be achieved, over a period of time.

Worcester Black can provide a range support to help focus an organisation's energies and resources on a course of action that will increase sales and dominance of a targeted market niche.

Within this process we can help determine the choice of target market segments, the position of brands, and allocation of resources, to ensure that a client organisation successfully engages with its existing and prospective customers, and competitors in its market arena.

This might include assisting in the development of a marketing plan that contains a set of specific actions necessary to successfully implement a marketing strategy, this would include:

  • Advertising
  • Internet marketing
  • Promotion
  • PR


Intelligence and research forms a major part in the development of any strategy.

Research can take many forms, whether it is primary or secondary, product, channel, or competitor etc

Worcester Black can offer a range of research tools, both qualitative, and quantitative including:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Focus Group
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Competitor Bench-marking
  • Pricing Studies

Brand Image

OK, at least one of us at Worcester Black (George) really loves working on Brand Image, he’s been doing it for thirty years (in drinks, consumer durables, print etc), so it’s his passion, but others of us also have a broad range of experience in brands development, so there’s a choice!

A brand is the personality of a product, service or company and how it relates to Customers, Staff, Partners, and Shareholders can be hugely influential on success.

There are a wide range of brand ‘touch-points’, points of contact that people have with a brand that contribute to their own experience of the brand. Such touch-points include Websites, brochures, letterheads, business cards, how phones are answered, how problems are dealt with etc.

Careful brand management will make the product or services relevant to the target audience. There are always intangibles in business; ultimately it’s about appealing to the motivations of target individuals and groups, managing expectations, then delivering a product or service that matches that expectation.

We’ve branded, rebranded, launched and re-positioned everything from cheese, to beer, door furniture to software, in b2b and b2c, and we still enjoy it!

Corporate Communications

Any business needs to deliver broadly the same consistent message to all of its stakeholders, all of the time. This helps to build and to defend credibility

Good, consistent corporate communication helps an organisation to build its reputation, to deliver its core message, combine its vision and values. This affects investors, customers and staff alike.

Communication is critical and with the rapid growth of social and business social media, awareness of what is being said about your company and products is absolutely critical, and Worcester Black can help you monitor what is being said, and by whom. This then enables you to deliver a rapid and effective response to both the good, the bad, and even the ugly!

Public Relations

Some of us have backgrounds in international marketing, spread over many years and we’ve worked in a variety of industry sectors, and for many types of business, anything from global brands, to start-ups, so we understand a little about market dynamics, competitors and budgets!

We also understand the pressure that comes when justifying marketing spend, but we equally know, some of us from painful and costly experience, what happens when you stop communicating with your audiences, and especially when you have no contingency in place when crises occur as, regretfully, they sometimes do.

We provide access to a variety of business development and communication specialists, people who will work very hard to understand your needs and who will challenge you, your perceptions and your ideas before putting in place the right tools to do the right job; the right job being to protect and grow your business. Experts in dealing with media relations, events and product launches

We specialise in both pro-active and defensive PR, we’ve worked with food companies, with law firms and with local government, to build positive public relations and also children’s nursery schools, nursing homes and specialist local housing associations where reputation management has been vital.

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