Planning & Change

One of the main areas in which we work is that of business planning, restructuring, change management and operational development. We have experience in businesses large and small - everything from Microsoft to niche businesses manufacturing paint brushes.

We work with SME-sized business and several of us have M&A, MBO/MBI, and post-acquisition restructuring experience, but we also have corporate experience in the UK, Europe, the US and globally, and have all worked in complex business structures.

Strategy formulation
Operational Reviews
Change Management
Senior Management Mentoring
Merger & Acquisitions

Strategy Formulation

According to Lamb (1984): “Strategic management is an ongoing process that evaluates and controls the business and the industries in which the company is involved; assesses its competitors and sets goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors; and then reassesses each strategy annually or quarterly [i.e. regularly] to determine how it has been implemented and whether it has succeeded or needs replacement by a new strategy to meet changed circumstances, new technology, new competitors, a new economic environment., or a new social, financial, or political environment”.

We don’t think we could put it better. What we can do is bring together our combined experience of helping to formulate business strategy for a variety of businesses in several industry sectors, here in the UK, and overseas.

We will work with you to assess, re-assess and help you define your strategy.

Operational Reviews

Several of us at Worcester Black have considerable experience in reviewing business performance, whether this be as part of the on-going process of day-to-day business management, or as part of either pre-acquisition due-diligence or post acquisition restructuring.

We have undertaken work-study programmes and time and motion reviews in a global manufacturing environment, and we have re-worked procedures and re-written procedures manuals for in SME firms in the field of Public Relations.

We can undertake a financial performance review or a review of a firm’s supply-chain.

We will always work with you to scope the task and review the findings.

Change Management

Several of us at Worcester Black have been involved in a variety of change management projects over recent years, whether this be managing significant IT and operational change in a leading distribution company, introducing professional sales organisations and processes, or in managing the process of change in a small previously family owned SME, post-acquisition.

Change management requires clear and creative thinking, and marketing, to ensure effective communication, often between several audiences, but also a sensitive awareness of the impact of leadership’s styles and group dynamics.

We can support business leaders, help communications effectiveness, and design strategies and plans that help to avoid failure in change projects.

Effective planning needs to address a range of dynamics and would include:

  • An effective communication strategy, to bridge gaps in the understanding of the benefits change and how its implementation might affect people and operating procedures.
  • Counseling of managers and staff members to alleviate any change-related fears.


Business restructuring happens for a variety of reasons and takes many forms, often it happens as a direct result of a change management project, however, reasons for restructuring might also include a change of ownership or ownership structure, or perhaps a management buy-out or buy-in, demerger, or a response to a crisis or major change in the business such as might follow a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).

Markets change, as do channels of communications, a very rapid rate, and product life-cycles shorten so a business might need to reposition its offer.

We can help the process of restructuring, working at senior level to ensure that plans are vigorously checked and effective, markets are properly researched, and internal and external communications properly considered. From our own personal experience, sometimes, working with others from outside the internal structure of the business can be a help in itself.

Senior Management Mentoring

Working, at senior level in any sized business brings challenges that are often similar in many ways. It can often be difficult to discuss business problems with colleagues. Sometimes the opportunity to share business challenges, and explore strategic and tactical possibilities with other, capable individuals, who are outside the political structure of a firm, can be invaluable in helping separate wood from trees.

We can offer a range of practical advice and support to ensure that you get the help you need to make your performance as effective as possible, and to help ‘take the strain’.

Merger & Acquisitions

Our experience here includes a variety of work including:

  • Acquisition Targeting
  • Early contact negotiation
  • Commercial Due-Diligence
  • Planning for providers of investment
  • Third Party Liaison
  • Post acquisition planning
  • Post acquisition change management projects
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Joint-venture planning and negotiation
  • Business merger planning and execution
  • MBO/MBI (incl funds raising)

Typical projects have included:

  • working with family owned SME’s both prior to, and subsequent, to take-over
  • supporting joint venture arrangements between UK/US and European firms

The above covers some pretty broad areas, and over 20 years of activity in such projects. Talk to us, we might be able to help.

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