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At Worcester Black, we provide help and support to businesses and business people.

Each of us is an experienced senior manager with an array of skills and backgrounds in a variety of disciplines and markets, including manufacturing, retail, logistics, telecommunications, utilities and IT.

We’ve all worked at board level, and globally, so we are (usually) pretty mature, but we have also worked at the coal-face, and enjoy getting under the skin of a business. We are very much ‘hands on’ as well as thinkers and planners, and above all, we deliver results.

Our customers vary in size between multinational and SME, and we work on a range of projects, everything from helping and supporting start-ups, to product launches, brand re-evaluations, change management and IT deployment.

And, despite all of us having been around the block a few times we are all savvy in terms of internet mobile services and social media/marketing.

If you’d like to know more about our services, the people we have worked with and the help we have provided, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email: info@worcesterblack.com or call George on 07738 965280.